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cropped-1355340108840.jpgEastWind, derived from the Bible and has a symbolic meaning.. It was the EastWind God used to bring the locust unto Egypt during the plague and judgement upon Pharaoh to release His people from captivity and it was the same eastwind that God used to part the red sea…Exodus 14:19-31

Focus is mainly in support, music productions, writing skills and promotion of artists from around the world.

We work closely with artists, defining there art within themselves and pursuing together┬áto bring the very best and positive music they can bring while achieving their goals. It’s about discovering self and understanding while creating and doing what you love to do ! It’s about being positive about your self while moving forward! The goal is about doing what is right!

GioPriest is a well established producer who is flexible and can work together with any artist providing them ideas and beats as they go along the production path to success.


Previous mixtape, a prelude to the official mixtape is also downloadable


You can also find more music of GioPriest on Soundcloud !!